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In The Beginning!

Hand in WaterThis is a reincarnation, of an original idea of mine, that I had over a decade ago!
It has been reinvented many times, but always seems to come back to this...

I've wanted to build an online community, for like minded people, who are actively involved in rescues from water.
Now this could happen out in the big oceans, or on a lake or river inland.

No matter where it is, people need assistance from time to time and there are many people prepared to help, at a moments notice!

They can be full time employed or volunteers, it really doesn't matter!
The important thing is, they are there! (We are there!)

This global enterprise is available for you to share your ideas, skills, aspirations, knowledge, pictures, missions etc.
It would be great to get a community that you want to be a part of, that will grow into something amazing.
All I ask is that you be actively involved in some way with an organisation, association, club, force, unit or business that is directly involved in Saving Lives Around The World!

All it needs is for you to register and take part in this growing network of rescuers from around the globe, to make this our first port of call, to interact with someone doing the same role maybe on the other side of the planet..

Your input is vital to the success of this website, so don't be afraid to put your suggestions and ideas forward.
Who knows, you could even become a site moderator or article contributor.

Like any maritime rescue - I can't do this alone..!

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