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    We are hoping to engage with many other rescuers from around the globe, who do the same things we do and have the same ambitions & skills.

    Join this new community and share your love for what you do, either as a volunteer or member of staff, a probationer or an old hand...

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    • By Merlin in Our Rescue Crowd
      We are looking for people who would like to tell their story, about how they got involved in rescues from water.
      You can be a rescue swimmer or boathouse manager, shore crew or rescue pilot, it doesn't mater what.
      Each of us are an integral part of the rescue team.
      We're not looking for 'heroes' we can't all be one of them!
      Just dedicated, selfless, helpful people who would like to share their story.
      We could begin with one person from each organisation or rescue discipline and maybe get them to fill in a questionnaire?
      Above all we want you, the member, to feel involved with this website and its growth, by helping to inform our site visitors about how we carry out our roles within the maritime rescue sector that we work/volunteer in.
      If you'd like to be a part of this blog, please contact me for further details, or leave a comment below, to find out how you can get involved.
    • By Merlin in Our Rescue Crowd
      As we move towards the end of March 2018, it is with a certain amount of pride that I blog about a man I am proud to call a friend!
      Allen Frary, is about to retire from his long held position, as Coxswain/Mechanic at the RNLI lifeboat station at Wells-Next-The-Sea in west norfolk, UK.
      He & his crew are credited, with saving the lives of 49 people during his illustrious career, all of whom I am sure are tremendously grateful!
      Allen has been involved at the station for more than 40 years.
      He is a very well known figure in Wells, originally earning his living as a fisherman out of the towns harbour, for many years previously.
      Attaining the position of town mayor as well as town council chairman among others.
      The man has a magnificent sense of humour and has spent many hours making people laugh and joined in on more than a few 'pranks' with fellow crew members and staff alike.
      He has passed on his knowledge of many skills and traditions over the years, to new and old crew alike.
      When he retires he will be moving up to the west of Scotland to a house he has recently purchased, with his partner.
      I, along with MANY others wish them all the success and happiness in there new life away from Norfolk.
      Allen, you will be missed by many and I would like to say what a privilege it has been to support you and your station over the past decade and I look forward to seeing you again sometime in the not too distant future.
      Farewell and safe passage sir.
    • By Maritime in Rescue News
      22 crew rescued as fishing vessel sinks off Cape coast
      More than 20 crew members were saved during a rescue operation after their fishing vessel started to sink in rough seas off Danger Point on the Cape South Coast.
      The South African maritime safety authority’s maritime rescue coordination centre (MRCC) coordinated the rescue of 22 crew in the early hours of Friday after the fishing vessel Ellis S, owned by Sevlak Investments, began taking on water off Danger Point which is near Gansbaai.
      Find out more here.
    • By Merlin in Rescue News
      Tuesday 9th January saw the Canadian Coast Guard announce 2 new lifeboat stations, at Old Parlican & Twillingate with improvements at St. Anthony to follow.
      A five year $108m plan will see 4 new stations built in British Columbia, to boost the regions rescue assets.
      The locations were chosen after gaps were found in the areas search and rescue response capabilities.
      New rescue vessels will include a fast-rescue craft as well as a 19 meter vessel that will be able to search up to 120 miles offshore!
      Further details are available here.
      Maritime Rescue wishes the new stations and crew all the very best for the future.
    • By Merlin in Rescue News
      A pilot boat capsized in the Gulf of Finland, south of Porvoo lighthouse, on Friday 8th Dec 2017 at around 17:00.
      After reports were recieved by MRC Helsinki, Finnish Border Guard boats were dispatched to the scene along with other vessels and aircraft.
      Heavy swells in the area hampered rescue and after righting attempts caused the pilot boat to sink, divers entered the vessel and located the bodies of 2 crew members.
      A sad incident at any time, but with christmas so close, our thoughts are with their families at this time.
      More details on Maritime Executive website...
    • By Maritime in Website News
      This is a reincarnation, of an original idea of mine, that I had over a decade ago!
      It has been reinvented many times, but always seems to come back to this...
      I've wanted to build an online community, for like minded people, who are actively involved in rescues from water.
      Now this could happen out in the big oceans, or on a lake or river inland.

      No matter where it is, people need assistance from time to time and there are many people prepared to help, at a moments notice!
      They can be full time employed or volunteers, it really doesn't matter!
      The important thing is, they are there! (We are there!)
      This global enterprise is available for you to share your ideas, skills, aspirations, knowledge, pictures, missions etc.
      It would be great to get a community that you want to be a part of, that will grow into something amazing.
      All I ask is that you be actively involved in some way with an organisation, association, club, force, unit or business that is directly involved in Saving Lives Around The World!
      All it needs is for you to register and take part in this growing network of rescuers from around the globe, to make this our first port of call, to interact with someone doing the same role maybe on the other side of the planet..
      Your input is vital to the success of this website, so don't be afraid to put your suggestions and ideas forward.
      Who knows, you could even become a site moderator or article contributor.
      Like any maritime rescue - I can't do this alone..!
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